My Favorite Newsletter Posts

How do players, coaches and analysts make it to the NHL. What allows them to stick around and find sustained success?

Find a few hints below in some of the most-read Hockey Tactics Newsletter articles since 2020.

Player Development

How to Ruin a Player - A simple model for helping a player reach their potential

Six Paradoxes of Skill Coaching - What I learned from a few of the best in the NHL

Build a Development Plan in Three Steps - How I work with athletes from U12 to NHL


Safe-Fail Offense - How to get all five skaters involved without drowning in a sea of odd-men rushes

Man vs Zone Defense, a Primer - What you’ve been been meaning to ask about

Understanding the Neutral-Zone Trap, Parts 1-5 (for paid subscribers only)

Quantitative Analysis

Domain Dependance & Working in Hockey - Read this if you’re an analyst heading into an NHL job interview

The 100-10-1 Rule - The rule of thumb that helped me get to the NHL

Jack Hughes Case Study - The difference between performance and development metrics

General Life & Career Advice

Four Ways to Work - Getting what you want is a choose-your-own adventure. Here’s what I learned.

Career Advice You Don’t Want to Hear - A bit of tough love for a young coach looking to break through

A Brief Anti-Drug Message - When I was 14, I got some good advice about why to say no to drugs.

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